17 November 2017

Shakai Hoken? With Fewer Than 30 Hours? Yes!

Shakai Hoken/Shigaku Kyosai is health and pension insurance provided through your employer, with both parties paying 50% of the costs. Until recently, it was very difficult to get enrolled if you didn't work at least 30 hours per week, leading many employers to offer 29.5 hour contracts. Read more.

Improvements For Hourly-Paid Employees At The British Council

General Union members working at the British Council will soon start seeing big improvements to their working conditions after a new collective agreement was recently signed between the union and the organisation.

Hourly-paid employees of the British Council have to deal with numerous labor problems including late contracts, a lack of notice for non-renewal of contracts, and contract periods that are unreasonably short. Read more.

Public labour workshops in Kansai and Tokai

  • Worried about being fired after five years?
  • Has your employer informed you of their five year plan?
  • What does an unlimited term contract mean for your job?
  • Did you know that part timers can also get health and pension insurance? Read more.

16 November 2017

Claiming Unemployment Benefits - One Member's Experience

Recently, one of our members lost their job and - for the first time ever - found themselves able apply for unemployment benefits, thanks to having been previously enrolled in unemployment insurance (as the law requires). Because the information might be of benefit to other people in similar situations, our member wanted to share their experience in the hope that others may be able to use it as a guide in the future. Read more.