16 June 2017

Labor Standards Law & Trade Union Law - How are they different?

David was working at a small Eikaiwa, full-time, 40 hours a week. He was told that he had to attend a summer barbecue on a Sunday afternoon. His employer insisted that he pay the fee for food like all the students who were invited. When he asked whether he would received some compensation for his time, his employer responded that it was required he attend since he was a full time employee. On top of his full week of teaching, David had to go to this event as well. He was not offered another day off in lieu of his extra day of work. Read more.

Why is Amity suddenly recruiting teachers from the Philippines?

Is Amity finding it difficult to recruit teachers who will simply accept what a manager says as gospel? Do they think that by hiring from the Philippines they will get workers too scared to ask for their rights? Read more.

Joytalk: A Cautionary Tale

"Joytalk" has become known to the General Union as a name that usually precedes a story of woe soon to follow. Indeed, whenever we see the word "joy" and "talk" together in the same sentence, it's usually a sign that someone is having a bad time. Read more.

15 June 2017

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - Takatsuki BoE Update

So, a judge, the General Union, and the Takatsuki Board of Education walk into a court room (stop me if you think you've heard this one before). The judge turns to the Board of Education and says... Read more.

Is NOVA A Black Company?

Many of you may have seen the government's recent list of some of the worst "black companies" in Japan - a list in which it names and shames some of the most egregious of unrepentant labor law violators. Read more.