19 May 2017

Are Public Schools Actually "Black Companies" In Disguise?

For all of the nobility of working as a teacher in public (or otherwise) schools, the reality of the situation is often entirely at odds with the otherwise romantic image that society paints of such an essential academic workforce. On April 28th, 2017, this couldn't have been made any clearer. Read more.

Reduction in Unemployment Insurance Premiums

We missed this last year. Did you?
Both this April 2017, and 2016, saw the premiums for unemployment insurance reduced; both the employee and employer portions.  On a salary of 250,000 the saving is about 500 yen per month. Most people only pay around 1500 yen so you probably didn't even notice. Read more.

Witnesses Soon to be Examined in West Japan Postal Service Article 20 Case!

Based on Keidanren’s policy of “Japanese-style management for a new era”, announced in 1995, the government answered their call with an overall worsening of the system of labor laws. With labor costs then generally subject to cost-cutting pressure, irregular employment started growing in the mid 1990s. And now there are said to be 20 million irregularly-employed workers in this country. As a result, poverty and inequality have continued to grow for the past 20 years, becoming an unavoidable problem for society. Read more.

James [English School] And The Giant [Lack Of Unemployment Insurance]?

The Unemployment Insurance System (koyou hoken; aka shitsugyou hoken) in Japan is fairly clear-cut: if you are unlucky enough to lose your job, you'll receive unemployment support benefits for a period of 90 - 330 days depending on age and length of enrollment. Read more.